Strengths Over-Played Cards and Manual


Strengths Over-Played Cards

Smart people often get promoted on the back of their strengths. They happen to be good at the operational aspects of their role and when they get promoted they carry on using these strengths – only with more gusto and effort. Problem is these very strengths can pass their sell-by-date. Rather than re-inventing themselves, smart people revert-back-to-type. This is especially prevalent when individuals are under stress. These 18 strengths cards help an employee and manager establish where they have a meeting of minds. Do you both have the same perspective on a team member’s strengths? But turn the cards over and you get to explore the flip-sides of each strength. Every strength when it’s over-played and over-cooked has a down-side. With self-awareness and conscious effort – these strengths don’t need to tip-over into shortcomings.

Strengths Over-Played Manual

This manual provides 5 practical tips for each card. Ways to ensure strengths over-played do not become a liability. This manual places the emphasis on the employee developing new strategies and new approaches – without having to attend a course.

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