What is Mojo100

If you want hard-hitting, practical leadership wisdom, packaged so you can read it in 60 minutes – you’ve come to the right place. Written by a Business Psychologist the handbooks get to the truth faster. They reveal ways to be a better version of you….get more from your team and create a great place to work. But we don’t stop there. We give you real-time tools to facilitate workshops and inspire powerful coaching conversations. All change begins with mindset and behaviour. These tools equip you to engage, inspire and develop others faster – allowing you to achieve faster growth.  

Mojo 100 Video Coaching

Your motivation and joy (MOJO) are simply too important to leave in someone else’s hands. So own it. We do our best work when we feel unstoppable....pursue goals that excite us....work with colleagues who energise us. If you want to build your competence and confidence and push past your limitations – then embrace the 100 day challenge. 100 seconds of daily inspiration. Use MOJO 100 as your personal development guide.

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