What is Psychology In A Box

This Personal Leadership Toolkit contains 5 practical psychology-based tools. If you’re a Coach or Consultant, use these tools in one-to-one coaching or in workshops. All the tools have been field tested on our leadership workshops – across different cultures and languages. These tools ‘get to the truth faster’ and open the door to more courageous conversations with your clients. You can also use the tools with management teams, allowing them to build stronger trust-based relationships. The practical tools also demystify coaching, leadership and positive psychology – allowing you to grow more leaders at every level. With the challenges facing the world right now, we need more leaders – not more followers. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s how ingenious and remarkable people are, when they’re given the chance to lead. Extend your reach and your impact with these 5 personal leadership tools.

Psychology In A Box Masterclass

If you haven’t already done so, there is an open invitation to join our free Master Class. In this session I’ll walk you through the 5 Personal Leadership products: i) the Values cards and manual, ii) The Strengths Over-Played cards and manual, iii) the Support cards and manual, iv) The Leader As Coach Questionnaire and Development Guide and v) The Mentoring Toolkit and handbook. Just imagine the positive impact of knowing you can walk into any coaching conversation and any workshop and have a suite of ready-made tools at your fingertips. And as you become more familiar with the tools, your capabilities and confidence in applying positive psychology goes to a whole new level.

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