The Values Cards and Manual


The Values Cards

How do you learn about what motivates your team? After all, motivation and high performance go hand-in-hand. We’re all unique and we know money itself is not a great motivator. These 51 cards get to the heart of ‘intrinsic’ motivators. These ‘inner drivers’ like self-esteem and challenge shape our relationship with work. 

These cards take around 10 minutes to sort into ‘critical, important, desirable and not applicable’. They provide the employee with greater self-awareness. Whilst line managers no longer need to second guess what motivates each team member – the cards make it explicit.

You can now have better conversations. Help colleagues figure out how they can do more of the work that lights their fire.

Values Manual

This manual provides a line manager with tips and hints on how to get the best from different colleagues. We tend to manage people based on how we like to be managed. Each of the 12 motivation themes comes with top tips and great coaching questions.



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