The Leader As Coach, Questionnaire and Development Guide


Coaching is an invaluable life skill for anyone who has ambitions to lead others. Just because you have ‘manager’ or ‘leader’ in your job title, does not make you a good Coach.

This questionnaire helps Managers work through 10 critical behaviours essential for effective coaching. Five focus on the relationship aspects of coaching. And five focus on the process side of coaching. Both matter. Once a Manager profiles where they are currently, they can identify where they excel and where they have gaps. The development section provides practical suggestions on how they can raise their game in each of the 10 behaviours.

The questionnaire also provides a coaching framework as an alternative to the GROW model. They key is to become more comfortable adopting a ‘pull’ style of coaching over a ‘push’ style of coaching. One that relies on deep listening and asking high quality questions – over offering advice and solutions. The emphasis is on encouraging colleagues to think like an ‘owner manager’ and take accountability for dealing with challenges.

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